We Make your Logistics Carbon Neutral

We like challenges and even more when they contribute to the creation of a better world.

Well aware of the fact that the day to day activities of a company require a combination of complex operations which lead to the emission of green houses gases in the atmosphere, For many years, EnWrap has been very careful about Sustainability, paying special attention to monitoring its own carbon footprint, with which it measures and evaluates the actions to take in order to reduce C02 emissions.

Every day, we try to put together packaging, logistic and sustainability because we are believe that a sustainable approach to business means progress and innovation leading to a healthier and richer world for the future generations.

How do we make our logistic Carbon Neutral?

With a complete revision of the logistic process, in conformity with the need to reduce consumption especially through:

    • Choosing electrical or natural gas vehicles
    • Use of green energy.
    • Optimization of loading plans
    • Automizing warehouse processes
    • Picking activity optimized in line with energy consumption protocols
    • Tracking of carbon footprint either of production or logistic processes

Con una revisione completa del processo logistico, in conformità con le esigenze di riduzione dei consumi in particolare con

  • Scelta di veicoli elettrici o a gas naturale
  • Utilizzo energia green
  • Ottimizzazione dei piani di carico
  • Automazione dei processi di magazzino
  • Attività di picking ottimizzata secondo protocolli di consumo di energia
  • Tracking della carbon footprint dei processi sia produttivi che logistici

How do we make our packaging Carbon Neutral?

Designing all confections to be reused or recycled.

Reducing 75% of the use of wood while maintaining the same quality of the product.

Eliminating the refuse and wastes during the life cycle of the product.

Reducing C02 emission and certify it for every package.

Reducing the energy coming from  Eco sustainable and/or renewable sources

Avere tutte le confezioni progettate per essere riutilizzate o riciclate

Ridurre l’utilizzo del 75% legno mantenendo la stessa qualità di prodotto

Azzerare i rifiuti e gli scarti durante il ciclo di vita del prodotto

Ridurre l’emissione di CO2 e certificarlo per ogni imballo

Utilizzo di energia derivante da fonti ecosostenibili e/o rinnovabili

Reducing the impact of the logistics is an important obligation which has lead EnWrap to a new level of awareness: that of daily optimizing the Supply Chain and the materials used for packaging with maximum respect for the environment.

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